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If you are considering a life as a high class escort or incall girl there are many benefits to be gained. The job of an escort is to provide companionship for other people and it can be a fun and exciting job to do. You get to meet some of the most amazing people from all over the world and from all walks of life. You can experience different cultures without travelling and you may even be invited to travel overseas with your clients.

Being an adult escort allows you to choose your own hours and work whenever you want. You can choose to provide a specific range of services, such as specializing in massage if you have the talents. What you do in private with your clients is entirely between you both of course. There are many girls who get a particular kick out of getting intimate on their dates and do the job just for that. The range of experiences you will have is vast, and while not every encounter will be fantastic, on the whole escorts really do have a great deal of fun.

Duplex Escort Agency is always on the lookout for new talent but we are strict in enlisting girls to our roster. We service a number of excellent clients and to ensure that our high standards are met, our London escorts need to have a passion for this industry as well as be determined to ensure client satisfaction at all times.

To join our agency, you need to be at least 18 years old and able to work legally in the UK. To apply, send us an email with your motivational letter, along with your personal details which outline looks, hobbies, education etc. This allows our clients to not only select dates based on their looks, but can also relate to your interests to ensure an enjoyable outing together.

We will also require up-to-date photos - all of which will be handled with complete discretion. We want London escorts that are looking for fun and understand the importance of professionalism and customer service in this industry.